My first High Heels

I remember like it was yesterday how, as a little girl, I would sneak into my mom’s high heels and try them on, fooling around and imagining I was a posh lady. And even more distinctly I can recall the day when my mom got me my very first pair of (what at that time I considered to be) high heels: finally, my own young-lady shoes!

heels for womenIt was like raising my head from childhood for the first time and exploring a premature form of femininity. That protoadolescence moment has helped define the woman that is now writing these lines, as I then discovered my affinity towards fashion and care for myself. Quite a big step towards womanhood, I would dare say.

Because I was reminded of that feeling and I fell into nostalgia, I wanted to share more than just this moment with you. I want to share with you some advice on how to choose the first pair of high heels, whether if you’re shopping for yourself or for your daughter.

So I made a selection of the most comfortable and glam shoe models I know, along with some tips on how and when it’s best to choose each. So let’s take a walk together along this fascinating world of feet jewelry, shall we?

1. Kitten heels – Pinterest
If you think you’re not yet fully comfortable on high heels, they are just the shoes for you. Small enough to help you keep stability, but thin enough to get you accustomed to them, these heels are perfect for the ladies who are experimenting. You don’t need to go for 4-inch heels from the very beginning, you can gradually increase the height until you feel that walking in them is as natural as if you were barefoot.

2. Platforms – Two Comfy Shoes
If you like the idea of extra height, you don’t have to give it up just because you are not used to wearing high heels! You can go for platforms, as they are much more stable than stilettos, for example. By equally adding the additional inches throughout the sole, your ankles feel less pressure and you feel less discomfort or even pain.

3. Mid heels – TwoComfyShoes
Between kitten and stilettos, we have these babies, the perfect compromise when it comes to long legs and comfort. Also, you could go for conic heels instead of the nail-shaped ones, as they offer more stability.

4. Wedges – Pinterest
Definitely more stable than separate heels, and even more than platforms, these can make you feel confident and sexy at the same time. Try these on and see how you get on with your balance.

5. Stilettos – why not? –
Some of us are just born for high heels. Put me in a pair of these and I‘ll be like a fish in water. So if you don’t have any fears concerning your comfort or balance, why not start with these? I suspect you’ll fall in love with them at the first try and you will be doubling your collection veeery soon!

Some final pieces of advice? First of all, don’t force yourself into shoes that you’re not comfortable with, no matter how much the idea of high heels appeals to you. It’s better to take things gradually than walk in a ridiculous way – there’s nothing sexy in seeing a girl torturing herself with heels that she cannot master.
Secondly, before taking your decision, do some research! Do some window shopping, try on several shoe styles and see which one you feel your best in. Nothing is sexier than a confident attitude, this is the most important thing to consider.
And finally, don’t think that high heels are not for you just because your feet start aching after some hours spent walking in your new shoes. On the contrary, expect them to. You will adjust in time, so at first it’s better to have some spare shoes with you if you expect to be out for a longer time.
Also, you might want to consider the tips I wrote on how to find the most comfortable high heels out there.
I wish you the best of luck in finding your soul-mate shoes and I’m really looking forward to reading your own stories about your first hunt for high heels! Go ahead and leave a comment below.

17 May 2015

Perfect Scents and Perfumes for your wedding day

So it is your special day, and you want everything to be completely perfect; the beautiful dress, the perfect setting, the colorful flowers…..even the perfume. Will you choose to go with a perfume that is light and floral, with a tones that represent the summer, or will you go with a fragrant and strong scent that makes you see the world through more mature eyes? Perfumes with citrusy scents tend to do better in spring or summer settings, whereas perfumes with dank woody or savory vanilla tones feel like a blanket wrapped around you during a winter day. There are so many different options. Here to help you choose the best perfume for you is a list of the top fragrances for your wedding.

top perfumes for brides1) Orange Blossom & Jasmine by Henri Bendel

This perfume is a wonderful blend of citrusy orange blossom, tangy tangerines, beautiful Sumatra ivies and powerful jasmine. It is lovely and airy blend, created solely for bright, sunny days. Its cheerful notes make it ideal for outdoor settings.

Perfect for: Summery setting
Cost: About thirty dollars (Price rank: 1)
Strength of perfume: This perfume is light and clean. (20 out of 100)

2) Beautiful by Estée Lauder

A lovely blend of light flowers (lilies, roses, and marigolds) and a hint of citrus. This scent is crisply fresh and clean, reminiscent of a field of sweet and aromatic flowers. “Beautiful” is the feminine fragrance of a thousand flowers.

Perfect for: Spring Setting
Cost: thirty to forty dollars (Price rank: 2 )
Strength of perfume: This perfume is sweet and fresh. (30 out of 100)

3) Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Mediterranean citrus partnered with a sensational vanilla. Romantic and fresh, very unique and creative. The oriental perfume brings a whole new angle to the table.

Perfect for: Mediterranean setting
Cost: About ninety dollars (Price rank: 8)
Strength of perfume: This perfume is fragrant and comforting. (40 out of 100)

4) Romance Perfume by Ralph Lauren

This floral perfume combines ginger, marigolds, violets, fresh roses, day lilies, and oakmoss to create a very feminine fragrance. It is the perfect savory coupling of floral and woody tones, combined to represent the earth.The natural, aromatic perfume evokes memories of falling in love.

Perfect for: uptown setting
Cost: fifty to sixty dollars (Price rank: 5)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is quite light and sweet. (30 out of 100)

5) Vera Wang for Women by Vera Wang

A magical perfume composed of fragrant white florals that will earn you many compliments. It is lovely and sophisticated as well as fresh and clean. The “Vera Wang” perfume embodies the preserved icons of love.

Perfect for: almost any setting
Cost: thirty to forty dollars (Price rank: 3)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is very clean and fresh. ( 40 out of 100)

6) Something Blue by Oscar de la Renta

This mix is set on sweet romance. Flavorful mandarin, soft stephanotis and delectable linden blossoms make a perfume that is light and wearable. It is being called a fragrance to cherish forever.

Perfect for: winter or any setting
Cost: about eighty dollars (Price rank: 7)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is quite fragrant, but sweet. (60 out of 100)

7) Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

This is a spectacular scent with notes of fresh raspberry, pear, magnolia, sandalwood, savory vanilla and a trace of cyclamen. It is sweet and temptingly youthful, light and pretty. Uniquely refreshing and juicy, the perfume screams fresh.

Perfect for: spring or summer setting
Cost: about fifty dollars (Price rank: 4 )
Strength of perfume: The perfume is light and sweet. (60 out of 100)

8) Chanel No. 5 by Chanel

This mature perfume consists of sharp woody, citrus, and floral tones. The scent is heavy and musky, designed for a mature scent. You will be empowered by the amazing enchantment it brings, light morning or late night.

Perfect for: winter setting
Cost: about one-hundred and thirty dollars (Price rank: 9)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is distinctive and heavy. (80 out of 100)

9) Bohemian Wedding by Rich Hippie

A strong presence of patchouli and notes of fresh Italian citrus and orange blossom make up this gentle perfume. It is 100 percent natural and organic,made in California. Because of its earthy composition, you feel imbursed in the beauty of nature when wearing it.

Perfect for: mediterranean, summer, or spring setting
Cost: about two-hundred and sixty dollars (Price rank: 10)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is fragrant and sharp. (70 out of 100)

10) Samsara Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Yellow and bright florals as well as sharp woody and balsamic tones combine to create a masterpiece centered on romance. This is a sweet and heavy scent, but it is quite clean. Samsara symbolizes “eternal birth” in Sanskrit.

Perfect for: almost any setting
Cost: about sixty dollars (Price rank: 6 )
Strength of perfume: The perfume is strong and aromatic. (80 out of 100)

11) Iris Prima by Penhaligon

This sophisticated perfume will add a touch of glamour to anything. Its bergamot
and pink pepper tones partnered with a powerful jasmine and base of leather and sandalwood make it a completely unique and fun perfume. You’ll never want another perfume.

Perfect for: almost any setting
Cost: one-hundred to one-hundred and fifteen dollars (Price rank)
Strength of perfume: The perfume is fragrant and fresh.

Be sure that you find the perfume that’s the right fit for you and your wedding. Do not try a heavy perfume if you don’t do well with stronger scents, or a perfume with woody tones if you want an extremely clean fragrance. Just remember, there can be too much of a good thing. On your wedding day there are going to be plenty of hugs, so don’t over-do it on the perfume. Also, just a little hint: put on your perfume about one hour before putting on your dress. Spritz behind your ears, on your wrists, and on your collarbone. Good luck!

02 Dec 2014

What type of heels should I wear at my friend’s wedding?

It’s wedding time! That only means one thing (well technically not only one, but you get me). Cake and cookies and love in the air, all brought in one special event out of everybody’s life! Oh well and the obvious nerve wrecking search for a dress and the perfect, most comfortable heels to go rocking on the dance floor.

“What type of heels should I wear at my friend’s wedding?” Is the question I’ve been asking myself for the past few days after I bought my dress, without considering the issue of shoe picking. I guess that’s just what happens when you fall in love with a piece of gorgeous, gorgeous clothing. After some serious window shopping, online shopping and research I came across these fantastic results I’d like to share with you today, in case you get stuck at some point in your search for the most comfortable heel that goes well with your dress and your style. If you want to buy the most comfy high heels , check out this site for a complete guide on how to buy heels.

wedding heelsFirst of all, as we all know, heels often come with a fair share of pain if they are not right for us, the occasion or the weather. Let’s start with the last aspect, shall we? The wedding I have to attend is happening during the cold end on the fall and, as I know my toes won’t appreciate being pushed together while my feet are stiff and freezing in pointy shoes I chose to say “pass” to them. Another “pass” got the open toe heels and sandals. The most comfortable heels for my case are, in my opinion, either platform heels or thick heeled shoes.

Secondly, you need to think about the height of your heel. Too high is a no go, since you probably want to dance and your legs will give you unimaginable pains later on the night (and besides, your dance moves won’t probably be reach their highest smoothness, unless you’re a pro, of course). I’d personally suggest going for a decent 3 inched heel or lower.
Another aspect you might want to take into account is the color, the details and the fabric of the chosen heels. Now we all know you can’t go wrong with black, but other colors might be more suitable for your dress (don’t overdo it though). Again, to go in sync with your dress, the details on the shoes must be carefully picked. You have multiple accessible choices on the market: a knot, a bow on the heel or toe end, sparkling little beads, shiny lines of a different colors. Personally, I went for the classy looking laced heeled. The fabric of the shoes is a key element of the equation too: satin- it can be paired up with lace, like my heels; silk- very classy, goes well on its own, with no details or perhaps just a discrete knot; leather- fabulous on its own or with some glossy stripes.

But, even if you buy the most comfortable shoes, you always have the pretty convenient choice of sneaking a pair of the best anti-hurting, anti-tiring shoes. Yes, I am talking about flats. At the ceremony you can be in your glam heels, ready to strike a pose and look absolutely fabouls (and tall! If you’re a smurf, like me) and then, when the party is starting you can change into your “I am ready to hit the dance floor” flats. Or, you could go for another pair of heels, if you’re feeling complexed by your height. The spare pair for your most comfortable heels can be open toed or sandal, giving the fact you’ll be inside you’ll be inside. Also, X strapped heels will keep your foot in place while you dance and won’t allow your heel to slip out (unlike simple platform shoes). You don’t have to spend more money on a second pair of heels though. Just look through your closet. I am sure each one of us have a pair of comfortable heels that’d go well with most outfits. So throw that pair in your bag or your car and go from high-class model to dance floor superstar in a matter of seconds!

To summarize everything, before hitting towards your best friend’s wedding, or any wedding, choose the most comfortable heels you can find that suit your dress, match them with the weather, pay attention to little details that count and perhaps have a spare pair with you just in case of emergency. Oh! And don’t forget packing some band aids in case of blisters!

03 Nov 2014

Want a straight a silky? Use a Hair Straightener

Sleek, smooth, glossy straight long locks… what kind of girl/woman would not like to have that for a couple of days, or preferably for the rest of their lives? You can easily become addicted to your flat iron, or constantly trying out new products promising exactly what you would like to have: straight hair. But let us take a look at the what methods are actually available for us, what products are really working and what are the ones you should never waist your money on!

flat ironI personally fall into the category of girls who has been chasing the dream of smooth and silky straight hair for years. When I started getting interested in this subject a good 8 years ago, the assortment of flat irons was very limited. In fact, I would have probably used a traditional iron to straighten my hair if a smart company would have put a label on it that it will deliver excellent results. Heat protection and ceramic plates were things we have never heard about. Today, you have the chance to make your choice between hundreds of best flat irons, from different brands and different price ranges.

The benefit of flat iron is that it breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the cortex of the hair, which causes the hair to bend and to become curly. If the bonds are broken, the hair stays straight temporarily. If the hair is exposed to moisture the bond scan to rebuild, causing the hair to take the curly shape again.

The original idea of the hair straightener  is from Isaac K. Shero, who has patented his product of two heated flat irons pressed together. As the product was developed, the coating was changed to ceramic material instead of the metal which is very damaging for your hairs: it can simply burn it. But even if you read that your flat iron is “ceramic coated”, this does not mean that the product is the one you are looking for. The best and highest quality hair straighteners are built up by several layers of ceramic ensuring the best solution for frizzy hair and providing smooth result. The simple ceramic coated irons can break faster, and the coating can start chipping after a number of uses.  You might have also met the tourmaline plated flat irons, which does not mean a lot to many of the people. To clear this up, tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that emits negative ions that counteracts with positive ions in dry and damaged hair. This material helps sealing moisture into the hair and helps against frizz. They first crush the tourmaline and then the powder is baked into the plates of the flat iron. Tourmaline is not only added to straighteners, but to brushes and curling irons as well.  Currently ceramic and tourmaline plates are the best quality products you can find out there, ceramic plates heat up very fast and provides evenly distributed heat on the surface of the plates.  You can sometimes hear other fancy features of straighteners, like nano ionic or ionic, but don’t get confused, they mean exactly the same thing.

Visit this website for more reviews on flat irons for black hair, they describe them quite good.

The latest version of flat irons plates are made by titanium. Titanium is a lightweight metal with higher ionic charge and making your hair faster straight. However, due to the higher heat tolerance, it can heat up to 300 degrees, which is damaging to any kind of hair type.

Luckily you can now purchase products that have a temperature knob on them, this way you can regulate how high is the heat you apply directly on your hair. Different hair types ask for different temperature to have the best result and keeping your hair healthy. The condition of your hair is very important: if your hair is already damaged you might think that the use of flat iron will cover up the flaws, but it is in fact just causing more trouble.  Good to know, that the hair starts melting at 230 degrees, therefore never-ever go above that temperature, because you will pay the price: your hair will break off and split ends are guaranteed immediately.
The price of the flat irons varies, but I would never advise buying a cheap edition. It is better to invest more money and keep your hair healthy than damaging it. Fixing the damage with special treatments will probably cost you much more.

Most beauty brands involved in hair care have a line of products designed to leave curly and wavy hair straight. Well, I am sorry to inform you, but none of these will ever give you what you are actually looking for. There is no cream (unless chemical) that will change the structure of the hair.

top hair straighteners

There is a number of smoothing treatment performed by hairstylists you can try to get your hair somewhat softer and straighter. One of them is the so called Brazil keratin treatment, that is advised for people with unruly and frizzy hair. It is a chemical treatment, so people with sensitive scalp should be aware of the possible effects and in any case always make an allergy test in advance. The products used during the treatment contain formaldehyde. How is it done? I have had this treatment once, and I think that the greatest downside was that it took super long. With my mid-long hair I sat in the salon 3-4 hours straight. The hairdresser applied at least 7 different masks, shampoos and conditioners on my hair. Some of them had to be applied on dry hair, some of them on damp hair, so it was a constant back and forth between the sink and the hair dryer. The order and the processing time of the different stuffs is very important. In the very end, the stylist will literally seal the “keratin” into your hair by blow drying it with the mask on, and after that, straighten your hair with an unusually hot flat iron. The stylist will run the straightener around 10 times over every lock of your hair, so be prepared. You must not wash your hair for 3 days and a week long you have to make sure it stays straight. This treatment helped me reduce the frizz and the dryness of my hair, but unfortunately did not make t straight. My hair was curly again after I washed it once, so I am still using my flat iron when I feel like having a smooth mane.

08 May 2014

Airbrush Makeup for Brides

It comes a moment in the planning of a wedding when a bride reaches the point in which she starts asking different questions about her makeup. Do I really need a makeup or should I go for something natural? So I do it myself or should I hire a professional makeup artist? Should I choose an airbrushed makeup or should I choose the traditional makeup. All these questions need an answer and the best way to take a correct decision is by doing a little bit of research.

bridal airbrushThe first thing you should know is that no matter what type of makeup you choose, it has its very own characteristics and rules. Even if you decide to hire a makeup artist, be very careful, as each an every single one of them have their own personal preference when it comes to a specific type of event. This being said, it is important that you have a serious conversation with your makeup artist and let him know what exactly are your desires, favorite colors and the entire ensemble of party choices such as the dress, wedding colors, location, etc.

Here are a few questions that a bride should ask before she takes a decision and the correct answers that will satisfy her curiosity.

1. What is airbrush makeup?

The airbrush makeup is actually a type of lightweight makeup that is applied with an air gun machine. If it is applied correctly, it sprays an extra thin layer of makeup that will offer a soft and impeccable result. Ask what type of airbrush makeup system does the artist uses. Honestly, I find the airbrush system from Temptu to be the best airbrush makeup system, just because of its cool gifts that comes with the tool (Foundation AirPod, Blush AirPod, Highlighter AirPod, Bronzer AirPod, Face Tan AirPod) and its reliability (it lasts longer than other machines).

2. What types of airbrush makeup should we use?

In general, a professional makeup artist will use only quality products that are silicon or water based. By using a silicone based makeup, a bride can dance, cry with excitement and even run to her husband without worrying for a second that the makeup will run off her face. Also, an airbrush makeup is also perfect for that special moment when you take your wedding photos, as it doesn’t leave any marks from sweat or tears. If you decide to choose the water based makeup, you should know that it isn’t water resistant.

3. Why is the airbrush makeup recommended for brides?

Believe it or not, there are a variety of reasons. To start with, the thin and even layer of foundation will allow you face to look flawless. Keep in mind that with the airbrush system you can mix different shades of foundation in order to obtain the perfect color that exactly matches your skin tone and you will be able to avoid any embarrassing moments when you realize that the foundation is slightly darker or lighter than your skin tone, thus making you look like you are wearing a mask.

bridalmakeupAnother advantage of using a silicone based makeup is that it doesn’t run off, so your clothes and your future husband’s collar will be completely stain free, and it is also waterproof, so you can launch a river of emotions.
The modern high-definition cameras have managed to make artists and people be more aware of some of the mistakes that a traditional makeup may sometimes cause due to a line that was not correctly mixed or a brush that left a few apparently invisible traces. When it comes to airbrush makeup, these problems don’t exist anymore, as the makeup is totally even and perfect.

4. Is airbrush makeup for everyone?

Unfortunately, it is not for everyone, so make sure to talk with your makeup artist and discuss about your complexion and skin type. In general, the traditional makeup needs pores to adhere but the airbrush makeup has to be applied to a skin that is hair free, moisturized and soft. In case you have small amounts of hair on your face and you do not wax it, the airbrush makeup will make you look like a peach. It is recommended to wax and thoroughly exfoliate between using this type of makeup. You can achieve that airbrush effect (much cheaper) by using a stippling brush, however you have to have years of experience, a professional brush (with synthetic bristles) and of course great product.

5. Is the airbrush makeup worth all the extra costs?

Definitely Yes! Not even a single bride that has used the airbrush makeup for her wedding had anything to complain about the results. The overall benefits that using the airbrush makeup offers is far more impressive than using the traditional one. It is stain free, thus keeping your clothes in perfect condition, it is waterproof and in this way you can relax and let your emotions run wild and you won’t have any sweat stains on your face and what is more important is that despite all the tears, sweat, kisses and hugs, it has a guaranteed long lasting effect.

Let’s talk about another aspect and think about the costs you have to deal with when it comes to the wedding dress and shoes. Wouldn’t you like your makeup to be on the same page as your overall outfit and make you look like a perfect princess? I’m sure you would.

The reality is that, in the end, the decision is only up to the bride, and she is the only one that can make a decision about the type of makeup she wants to have on the most important day of her life.

12 Apr 2014

How to Plan a Wedding

Iplanning your weddings that perfect moment in which the man of your dreams has popped the big question finally arrived? I am sure that you are full of excitement and you would like the whole world to know the latest news in your life and share with them the happiness and incredible emotions that you are experiencing.

Allow me to offer a piece of advice and tell you that you should take it easy, relax and enjoy this experience because planning a wedding will definitely be the most difficult, fun, exasperating, joyful and biggest event you and your future husband will ever prepare. Take my advice and see these great 10 steps that will allow you to enjoy the experience and plan the wedding in a calm and relaxing way.

The first 5 steps are related to the wonderful period just after you got engaged to the man of your dreams:

1.    Enjoy this period – This moment is for yourself, look at the ring, say “I’m engaged” and jump around with excitement, kiss each other a million times, enjoy each other and think about your bright future perspectives and don’t forget to take pictures together, with the ring, enjoying the moment.

2.    Tell your parent – they should be the first ones to find out about your future plans. The ideal situation is that both of you are present when you share the news so you can show them the happiness and excitement in your eyes. Show them the ring and talk a little about your plans. After both of your parents are informed, it’s time to announce your close friends (usually those that are on your list for the maid of honor or best man).

3.    Start a journal – this period will offer you unforgettable moments but also nasty and disappointing ones, and it will be a good idea to have a place where to complain about them or keep them alive.

4.    Announce your engagement – now it’s time to share the news to the world. There are a lot of options for doing this, and it will only depend on your personality to choose the perfect one for you.

5.    Set the wedding date – this is one of the most important decisions you will have to take as a couple. Everybody wants to know this detail, and you will have to plan everything according to this date.

These next five steps will help you set the tone for the entire wedding party and will help you make the correct decisions:

6.    Set the tone of your wedding – you have reached the moment when you will have to decide what type of party you both feel comfortable with (formal, casual or themed). Take your time and decide what best represents you and write down some ideas before you take a decision.

7.    Set the budget – it is best to start with a wedding budget list, check your finances and future perspectives and come up with a figure that you can afford. If your parents wish to help, accept their financial support as you will be able to make your wedding even more beautiful.

8.    Choose the attendants – some couples don’t plan on having any bridesmaids or groomsmen, but those who do should allow them to get involved and share the list with things to do with them so they can help.

9.    Look for venues – in general, the best venues are booked with a year in advance, so if you start looking sooner, the chances of finding the right place, at the right date will be more likely.

10.    Get support – the reality is that, these days, the future bride and groom tend to hire a professional help that will take care of all their problems and lists. Whether it is a wedding planner, online checklist or wedding magazines, any help is more than beneficial.

09 Apr 2014

Perfumes Named after Celebrities

There is not a single person out there that doesn’t have a favorite movie star, a singer or an athlete. We have fantasized at least once to be in the shoes of someone we admire, to have their fame, money and fans.

The harsh reality is that we will never be able to be in their position, but there is something that, can we can do in order to feel closer to them: we can smell like them. More and more celebrities have released their very own perfumes, specially designed to offer their fans a touch of who they are, what they like and what arouses their senses. Next to come, here are the 20 most famous celebrity scents along with their fragrances designed and created by your favorite stars.

elizabeth taylor white diamonds1.    Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

She is the ultimate movie star and also the celebrity who had the incredible idea of kick-starting this perfume trend. This perfume is opulent and glamorous, much like the icon it represents. With a diamond encrusted bottle, it releases an incredible white floral fragrance that will wipe you out of your feet.

sarah parker2.    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

As the actress herself, this perfume is extremely feminine and ultra chic. With an apple martini fragrance and a citrus and lavender scent, it will blow your mind.

3.    Glowing by J-Lo

It has an incredible way of sprinkling up things with his clean scent and soapiness fragrance.

madonna truth or dare4.    Truth or Dare by Madonna

Madonna wanted to stay faithful to her childhood memories, when her mother adored Fracas by Robert Piguet, a perfume that released an incredible fragrance of gardenia and tuberose.

5.    Lady Gaga Fame

As in real life, Lady Gaga shocks till the end. Her perfume manages to be black while in the bottle and clear when it touches the skin. Maybe even the fragrance is shocking because it’s not as “dark” as you would expect, but in reality is a fruity and floral mixture of jasmine, tiger orchid, apricot and honey.

6.    Lancôme La Vie Est Belle by Julia Roberts

Believe it or not, this perfume went through a lot of tests (5,521 to be exact) before being ready to be presented to the fans. With an extremely researched combination of orange blossom, vanilla, pear, jasmine, praline and black-currant, it is the perfect representation of the “pretty woman” Julia Roberts.

7.    Kate Moss Lila Belle Truly Adorable

This incredible perfume is named after her daughter and manages to be as impressive as she is. Moss wanted to give her fans a perfume that was able to recreate the British countryside where the scents of green apples, lilies, sweet peas and hawthorn leaves a long lasting memory.

8.    Signature by Christina Aguilera

Aguilera has managed to create a perfect perfume from a vintage combination of black-currant, musk, fruit sorbet and vanilla, thus being awarded 10 times in Europe for the incredible scents that it offers.

9.    Kim Kardashian

Believe it or not, but this reality T.V show superstar created a soft and gentle perfume with a juicy, floral fragrance combined with red berries. The floral scent is an incredible combination of musk, iris butter, jasmine and tuberose.

10.    David Beckham The Essence

An amazing football superstar that wants his fans to explore moments of adventure. He created a perfume that mixes lavender, cardamom and grapefruit and offers his buyers special moments.

There are many other celebrities that have decided to make a perfume gift to their fans and to those that are passionate in fragrances. Among these we can include Britney Spears (Britney Spears Fantasy), Tilda Swinton (Like This Tilda Swinton Etat Libre D’Orange), Celine Dion (Signature), Gwyneth Paltrow (Boss Nuit Pour Femme), Oscar Pistorius (Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Shot) and Daniel Craig (007 James Bond).

07 Apr 2014

Bride makeup – the newest trends

The wedding season is approaching rapidly and if you are one of the lucky ladies that are planning a wedding, besides choosing the dress, shoes, and wedding cake, you should start considering about the colors that your bridal makeup will include. Being the most important day in your life, it is recommended that you choose carefully and with great care the type of makeup that will highlight your gorgeous features even more.

Never for a second should you believe that makeup is not as important as your accessories, dress and other aspects that any wedding includes. It can be the difference between a perfect face that complements a perfect wedding dress and a picture made by a child.

Whether you wish to look angelic or you are more daring and you plan on leaving everyone with their mouths open, it is important to be up to date with the latest makeup trends. Here are the 6 most important styles that you have to be familiar with:

1.    Mermaid style

In general, this type of makeup is perfect for the brides that have red or light brown hair, or a darker skin tone. The mermaid style consists in highlighting the lips and cheeks by using a red lipstick and a scarlet blush that you should apply with circular movements. When thinking about the colors for the eyes and cheekbones, think about warm tones so that you stop the attention falling upon them.

2.    Rainbow style

Such as the name suggests, this style is quite colorful. The attention falls on the lips where a magenta tone is needed. The rest of the colors are your personal choice only.

3.    Peacock eyes

It is an absolutely fantastic makeup style where the eyes are highlighted by the wide variety of colors that can be found on the peacock’s tail. For this style, you will need a black eyeliner to highlight your eyes and give them an elongated shape towards the exterior. After this, apply color la purple, black, blue or green, the important thing is that the color is intense. The upper eyelid area will be covered with the same colors, but in a brighter tone so that it will create a fascinating effect.

4.    Artistic style

This style also talks about the eyes where we choose intense colors such as dark pink, violet, orange and emerald. When using these colors you have to be a person that have a lot of imagination and feels comfortable making a statement. It is recommended to avoid highlighting the roundness of your cheeks by outlining your cheekbones with pink shades.

5.    Dramatic style

Believe it or not, this style assumes no makeup. The eyebrows and eyes have the leading role by being painted in a darker shade than the natural one and after that leaving them thicker. The eyes are underlined with a lot of eyeliner and then you should apply black mascara for volume. For the remaining skin you only have to use concealer and translucent lip gloss.

6.    Natural style

This is one of the most important trends of this year’s bride. Here the eyebrows are the key element to obtaining a perfect look. The makeup consists in illuminating the face by using a powder with a light shadow effect around the cheeks and nose, and the cheekbones will be highlighted with blush bronzer.

Whether you do your own makeup for the wedding, or you hire a professional make-up artist, it is recommended to do some tests before.

bridal makeup 1

bridal makeup 2

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07 Apr 2014

Peach Wedding Dress

There are wedding dresses galore on the market and one of the biggest shifts from the sartorial white dress has been towards the rising popularity of peach colored wedding dresses. From soft, delicate shades of baby pink to the hue of orange, the peach color comes in a variety of depth and shades. Charming and sweet, this delicate color gives out a whiff of innocence and reminds us of the amazing and cool sunny days.

peach wedding dressThe peach wedding dresses have a distinct whimsical vintage look which brides all over the world are eager to recreate in their own wedding. This color is both shy and nubile and it also gives out a tinge of mysteriousness to the wearer. The subtle power that this color has is very persuasive and stands out without being loud and garish. The freshness imbibed in its hues can be a real charmer and it is perfect for every kind of occasion.
If you are a person that believes in color therapy, then you know that this amazing color gives out a feeling of calm and happiness. The soft peach tones also contrast with the brash and the hustle and bustle of daily routines. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many brides have opted for peach wedding dresses for their special day.

Going by the recent trends of the bridal collections in the fashion industry, peach wedding dresses have set a mark on the runways and its popularity is certainly here to stay for a long time. The color exudes a certain sense of romanticism and many designers are equally excited to explore its diversity. Peach wedding dresses have to be combined with the correct type of accessories and styling so it can highlight the beauty of this neutral color. One can wear matching shoes and make sure the dress has abundant frills to emphasize on its softness.

Any wedding planner worth his or her popularity will always insist that the wedding dress should accentuate the bride’s body and should not be selected blindly according to the fashion trends. Each body is different and unique and one must selectively choose only those designs that are flattering for that special figure. Body shape is all about proportion and choosing the best wedding dress means that you make those proportions look incredible.

A bride should look and feel like a princess on her special day.  If the bride is planning to wear a peach colored wedding dress, then her accessories and decorations should also match the cut and design of the dress. From high priced designer dresses to your next door online services, wedding dresses of every type, cut and price range can be bought off the market.
But what is important to keep in mind, is the budget and the theme of the wedding you are planning. Dangerously low cuts to demure necklines, soft frills to laced gowns – wedding dresses of every design are available in the market and it’s up to the bride to decide what fits her best. A bride should be spoiled for choice on her wedding day and if it is a peach wedding dress that she wants, then a peach wedding dress it is.

21 Dec 2013

Brunette Brides

Brunette BridesIt is a known fact that brunette brides are gorgeous. When you see a brunette bride on her wedding day with the dark lovely tresses covering her shoulders and wedding gown, she can definitely take your breath away. A number of researches have already proven that men find brunettes highly intelligent and are more likely to select a brunette as their long time partner rather than blonds or redheads.

It’s not without any reason that a brunette bride carries the tag of beauty with intelligence, with so much pride and aplomb. A brunette hair color can range from black, light brown to deep brown confirming once again that brunettes can wear clothing of any color and still look totally gorgeous in them.

If you are a brunette bride then you will definitely find plenty of ways in which you can mix and match colors to go along with your look and hair style. A brunette’s skin tone also must be considered before choosing the dress. The bride should enhance her beauty by dressing in clothes that best compliments her hair color. Depending on the venue of the wedding the bride can decide to apply makeup accordingly, so whether she is hiring professional assistance or doing it by herself, it’s a must that the bride has a proper and elegant makeup.

It’s always important to know how much makeup is too much.  If it’s too little, you end up looking dull and lack in elegance on your big day. The ceremony could be long and since the bride has to do normal pleasantries after the wedding it’s important to keep in mind that the makeup has to be long lasting. Every bride wants to look like a princess on her special day and a brunette has much upon her shoulders to keep up with her reputation.

Many brides go for the traditional white for their weddings, but it’s not uncommon nowadays to hear of brides who select different colors and look totally ravishing at them. Peach, off-white, burgundy, lavender are just a few of the other exotic choices that a bride can opt for.

On the wedding day, it’s essential that the bride selects a hair style that perfectly matches with her dress and the length of her hair. Every bride needs an extra special touch on her big day and how you style your hair will greatly decide the overall outlook.

Imagine a brunette bride with elegant curls, side swept ponytail and vintage hair styles – it will blow your mind. The bride can also team up her hair decoration with a classy floral accessory and come out looking perfectly elegant and sophisticated. Because the bride is a brunette she can also decorate her hair with an eye-catching jewelry or tiara that will contrast with her dark hair and make her stand out in the crowd.

These contrasting ornaments will emphasize the bride’s dark hair and give a mysterious look in effect.  But if these ideas are a tad bit unexciting for the bride then she can opt for highlights that will accentuate her features.  Adding color and highlights make the hair look richer and will also brighten her natural color.

There’s so much a brunette bride can do!

21 Oct 2013